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We are really happy to see you in our store! Let me introduce myself, so you could get to know me and see where you’ve wandered. 

HANDLY is my brainchild. My name is Natalia Polianskaya, I am a writer and journalist from Latvia. I have always loved creating handmade and working with it. For several years I’ve been Chief Editor of one of Russian handmade portals, and exactly in those years I have got the idea of joining handmade goods and people who love them. Times changed, idea remained. I have created my own brand Anywearing, visited numerous fairs and markets, sold several generations of jewellery and then decided that it is time to bring the idea to internet. My husband has helped with turning the dream into reality.

There are many websites selling handmade. Why is ours different?

  1. 95% of goods on our website exist in one copy only. If it’s written that no repeats possible, than it means exactly that. We do it because we want every person to have a unique jewellery. So that person would know, that nobody else has gotten nothing like this! Besides, biggest part of our jewellery is simply unrepeatable. Materials used often exist in a unique copy, they’ve been found in vintage jewel-boxes or created as experiment. And finally, it is simply too boring to repeat same things. Usually we create copies only for the MOST popular models, and only when materials are easily available.
  2. 90% of goods are handmade. Exception - vintage goods and some home goods and accessories.
  3. 100% of our goods are created from qualitative materials, biggest part tested at least on ourselves. For example, many people have very sensitive earlobes, so we don’t use fittings which can cause allergic reaction. I have such sensitivity myself, so I personally test different ear-wires. If there’s even smallest doubt about its quality, the whole lot is being thrown away. And we use such approach in everything.

I would really want that people find “their” things as often as possible, so I have invited to our store other handmaders, whose works amaze me. We sell only things which we are ready to use or wear ourselves. And we do use or wear them. Unfortunately, there are only 365 days in the year, but our creativity just DOES NOT STOP. So why not share it with others?

I love it, when people find exactly THAT thing. I have seen it many times on different fairs, when the person eyes starts glowing in there’s the cry “Oh my god, where have been all my life!” turned to earrings, or bracelet or pendant. This moment is the one which brings to all our masters the biggest pleasure. Of course it’s nice when your creations are sold. But is so much better, when they find their soulmates.

Currently we have only jewellery on our website, but we are expanding of course. You’ll find here gifts for all occasions - birthdays, New Year, anniversary, childbirth. But first of all - for yourself.