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Why memory wire bracelets are so good

Why memory wire bracelets are so good
19 August, 2018
We have a lot of bracelets in our shop which were created using memory-wire. We really love using it to create beautiful jewellery. And this is why:
  • Memory-wire is very durable. It is of course possible to break it, but you will have to try very hard. Honestly, we still haven't managed. So, you can be sure that your bracelet won't break. This is why memory-wire bracelets are preferred for children. We have tested our bracelets with kids from 1 year old, and none of the little princesses managed to tear up hers. By the way, neither have little princes.
  • Memory-wire retains the form. This bracelet cannot be misshaped.
  • The bracelets are wrapped around the wrist, so it can fit to practically any arm. There's no danger that you'll get the size wrong. You'll still be able to wrap the bracelet around the wrist. So, feel free to start choosing the bracelet with cutest kittens for your animal-lover.
  • We repeat our bracelets very rarely (mostly we recreate them only if specifically requested). So, you can be sure your jewellery is unique!

How to treat your bracelet?
  • Of course memory-wire is very durable. Still, don't stretch it too hard.
  • Don't leave your jewellery in the bathroom, or in the kitchen near the sink, or in general - in damp places. None of jewellery loves humidity.
  • Don't wear your bracelet immediately after using oily lotion or perfume. Beads can lose their colour. soon :)
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